The Seriousness of Justice and Injustice

The injustice in justice and the justice in injustice by Maria L. Berg 2022

Contradictory Abstract Nouns (Photography Challenge)

Today my search leads me to the injustice in justice and the justice in injustice. This study gets right to the heart of what it is to be a human in society. The concepts of justice are based on a moral code that people have to agree upon to live peacefully together. But some laws are created and upheld that are not just or moral. And though justice is supposed to encompass equality and fairness, some laws that are just and moral are only applied to some, while others believe they are above the law.

While I explored definitions today, I came upon the importance that bias plays in injustice, and became fascinated by the word “unreason.” unreason noun 1.inability or unwillingness to think or act rationally, reasonably or sensibly; irrationality 2.something that lacks or is contrary to reason 3. lack of order; chaos verb to upset or disrupt the reason or sanity of; to deprive of reason.

It’s the verb part of that definition that fascinates me: that through unreason one could deprive another of reason, disrupt someone’s sanity. Is that what is causing what appears to be so much injustice?

I believe bias is the injustice in justice, but where is the justice in injustice? Perhaps through recognizing injustice—as in unjust or unfair laws—we can change those laws, thus creating justice through injustice. However, what is determined as justice to one person may be considered injustice to another, so it’s possible that society itself—the attempt of humans to live together peaceably through creating and enforcing laws—is the injustice in justice, and the justice in injustice.

Visually this gives me the excuse to play with my scales filter again. I really like that I went back and put the time into getting the filter the way I wanted it. The upper bar is affixed with a tiny brad so the scales of justice can be even or uneven. And the scales themselves are attached with wire and tiny jewelry loops so they move freely. Thus, in every capture the shape will be different.

The justice in injustice and the injustice in justice by Maria L. Berg 2022

November PAD Chapbook Challenge

Today’s prompt is to write a serious poem.

And Then It Got Serious

And Then It Got Serious

As serious as flashing lights
in the rearview
As serious as pulling over
on a backroad
As serious as one would whisper I’m scared
in comfort’s absence
As serious as silence
in answer’s drought
As serious as a gun barrel
threatening extinction
As serious as vocal modulation
implying impatience
As serious as high blood pressure
in heightened stress
As serious as blood
rushing uncontrolled
As serious as trespass
trampling underfoot
As serious as bias
skewing perception
As serious as the banging gavel
finality’s sound
As serious as judgement
sealing fate
As serious as freedom
self determination
As serious as lost freedom
broken spirit
As serious as tragedy
hope drowned
As serious as life and death