The Crime of the Unbalanced Itch

Skewed Scales by Maria L. Berg 2022

Contradictory Abstract Nouns (Photography Challenge)

Today I’m looking at finding the crime in law and law in crime. Today’s nouns fit well with the poetry prompts. These days it seems like law makers and law enforcement officers are constantly in the news breaking the laws, thus the law in crime. And laws themselves can be so wrong their criminal. New horrible and atrocious laws are popping up so quickly how can a person even know when they’ve become a criminal without doing anything differently, and there we find the crime in law. But what would all of that look like?

For one thing, it looks like a blackout poem with one of the political articles I copied from the 2002 Playboys I found in the cupboard. But what about a filter? It could be unbalanced scales. Oo, oo, I can use my new tiny brad technique so the scales of justice can pivot. I like that idea. I think I’ll give it a try.

Crime in the Law of Nature by Maria L. Berg 2022

November PAD Chapbook Challenge

For today’s prompt, write a news poem. Your poem could be about a story you find in the news today (either from a newspaper, TV report, or online news source). Or it could be about a news story from the past. Of course, you can also make up your own news (some people like to do that anyway, right?).”

The “news” for this poem is the first page of an article called “Virtual Reich” by Michael Reynolds. I really liked how the black page with white ink worked for blackout poetry, so I picked another page like that.

ITCH : A Strange and Homegrown Sinister One

It was the first week
the final spring smoldered
It appeared ideas have
a significant capacity
for transfiguration.

Unrepentant collaborators formed
clandestine networks, reemerged
as ardent expanded breathing
new life doesn’t come to call
It is shaped

Most strange and alarming,
as we shall see, this
dangerous illustrated self
issued thrilled statements
that echoed

and now idea revitalized, move
For the value system. This time
could break. H ave you considered
yet what that means?

need will run off like hares
powerfully damaged will sink
down upon itself.
join in from remote heads
in mountains.
The people who flew
did it because they
had been pushed.