Always Standing at the Edge: new poem to dVerse poetics prompt

Yesterday at dVerse Poets Pub, Lisa presented an inspiring prompt for poetics. I figured I would rush out a few poems with the prompt “Edges and fringes,” but when I sat down to write, all I came up with were lists of words I wanted to use, nothing more. Today, after some journaling, it came together.

With One Toe Pushing

Ego drowns in the campfire at the edge of fascination
at the brink of sanity with one toe pushing
Who then maintains the role of oversight?
An oversight of Ego’s; I am certain

When honesty eclipses opinion in the jelly shower of imagination
its sharp bite creating borders verging on volatile
Is it raising tempers to breaking
or tempering passions to advantage?

Artistry crosses the hangnail edge of complete hurt
I want to lose myself, to stay in the fire
But I must strike while imagination is hot
and yet my very being is on strike

Humility returns with the hitchhiker cobwebs of wisdom
Between sane and mad is such a fine, fine line
like a hummingbird feather’s quill
an eyelash fallen from a field mouse
a sand flea trail on a Northwest beach
but the sand invites my toes to sink
and waves crash to keep my attention
the sand fleas irritate my body alive
I am safely back from the edge
I refrain–only peer at the beyond
at what can and will be–singing the refrain: not today