#NaPoWriMo Day 16: Effusive Praise for The Last Swim of the Summer

In you go

Last Swim of Summer (2014)                                      photograph by Maria L. Berg

A to Z Challenge

natural – The natural symbol alters the pitch of the note to which it is attached as well as any subsequent occurrence of the same note (identical line or space) in the same measure. A symbol placed by a note signifying that the note should be played unaltered as opposed to the sharp or flat of the note. This symbol is usually seen only where an accidental such as a sharp or flat is expected.

ninth – an interval consisting of an octave plus a second

Nocturne – A composition, usually a serenade, to be played at night in the open air. The name “nocturne” has been used by composers for piano and orchestral pieces that suggest some aspect of the night and are usually solemn and contemplative. The first nocturnes were written for piano by John Field in the early 19th-century.


Prompt: “write a poem of over-the-top compliments. Pick a person, place, or thing you love, and praise it in the most effusive way you can.”

PAD Challenge

Prompt: The Last (Blank)

The poem

The Last Swim of Summer

Brisk and cool with a lingering chill
the last swim of summer, I cling to your thrill
all winter long and into the spring
until I can dive into the water again

You are the joy in the song of the bird I keep hearing
a packed house at my show when they are dancing and cheering
like the scent of night jasmine or orange blossoms by the window
a warm soft blanket and a brand new pillow

You are sequins and glitter, crystals and fringe
the seconds before a Stranger Things binge
like rays of sunshine breaking through clouds
and all of the words not said aloud

You are the smile on an old golden retriever
and that guy who said when he looked at me, he heard Dream Weaver
like an exotic delicious taste for the first time
and the rhythmic combination of a great rhyme

You are miso and vinegar on anything
reading aloud from the Lord of the Rings
like finally getting a record player that works
and spending the day playing in dirt

You are a brand new camera technique
and finding an answer that I seek
like heightened senses during foreign travel
or fixing stitches before they unravel

All of this my highest praise
as I wait, perhaps, only a matter of days
for the water to rise and the temperature too
to begin the swims of summer, the journey to you.


Post your favorite poem

It’s open link night at the dVerse Poets Pub, so head over and share a link to your favorite poem you wrote this week. I look forward to reading it.


Happy Reading and Writing!

Free Download!! : A Week of Anticipation for Gator McBumpypants in Dee Dee Makes Three

cover of third book in Gator McBumpypants and Friends series

New cover first look!

Back Cover DDMT

Gator McBumpypants’ new adventure has been a year in the making, but it is finally almost here. For those of you who have not read the first two books in the Gator McBumpypants and Friends series, get over to amazon for specials this week. Starting Oct. 27th, the first book Gator McBumpypants Hears a Scary Noise is free to download until the jack-o-lanterns go out on Halloween night. And, starting Oct. 28th, the second book Gator McBumpypants in Herman Learns to Fly is only 99cents for a week.

What is so exciting about this new picture book that would make you want to read the first two books in anticipation?

  1. Maria designed and made Dee Dee the duck (completely one of a kind) with wire armature in her beak, feet and wings(that detach).
  2. Maria bounced ideas off of an awesome think tank of her niece and second cousins which led to extra fun.
  3. Artist Spencer Matthews helped with image planning and visual action as photography assistant.
  4. This time there are props!
  5. And swimming as well as flying!!

Dee Dee the duck is a character of many talents. Everyone around her became more daring (especially Maria).

I hope you take advantage of the Gator McBumpypants specials in anticipation of Gator McBumpypants in Dee Dee Makes Three.  I would love to hear from all of you who write children’s books, want to talk about Gator McBumpypants, have any encouraging words, or have questions.

Happy writing and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

First Story of the Lake Spirit

When she was younger, her favorite moments were swimming toward the full moon on a dark summer night. She would follow the trail the moon reflected on the lake, revealing another small part of the golden path after each smooth, silent stroke. She focused on the light, keeping her head above the water and moved slowly, trying not to make ripples on the surface. At these moments she felt one with the lake.

Once, she imagined following the moon so far that she could not turn back, eventually becoming exhausted and dying in its golden light. She welcomed this as a happy death and moved further along the path, but the lake suddenly changed. Surrounded by cold, she no longer felt welcome. Her nakedness was uncomfortable. The shore beckoned; her romantic longing to swim to the moon replaced by a need for carnal comforts: a hot shower; soft, thick blankets; and something warm to drink. Turning, she saw she hadn’t gone as far as she had imagined. She swam as quickly as she could, no longer caring about the waves and the noise she made. It felt like something was chasing her and about to grab her feet. Her burning muscles and searing lungs did not slow her. She bolted up the ladder and across the yard to the house. As she started to slide back the door, she heard a splash on the lake like the sound of a large fish jumping, making her pause to look back at the dark surface where circles of ripples moved out from the base of her ladder. Eventually, she realized that was the first time she met the lake spirit.