#WriterinMotion: Outlines and other pre-drafting thoughts


Last year, as I was reading a couple books to help me finally get a handle on how to use all the bells and whistles of Scrivener, I set up a template with the Save the Cat beats as my chapter sections and created an idea section that includes all of the different plots and outlines I like to use. So I’m going to use my template (for the first time) and outline directly in Scrivener. Here’s a screenshot of my template:

Scrivener template

I started filling in an outline, but then I wanted to type in some of the opening image of the women at the doorstep and a snippet of  what my character mentioned yesterday, and now I have a draft, so this post won’t get finished at the moment because now I have the crazy dilemma of too interesting of a story and now I’ll have to spend a month making it smaller instead of bigger. But that’s okay. I love this idea and my characters, so this project may only be the beginning of something bigger.