Another Great Resource For Writers And Readers


I just finished my screenwriting class and I got exactly what I wanted out of it. I shared the link to The Black List which is a great resource to read screenplays of popular and recent movies in my last post. That link alone would have made a free online course worthwhile, but I also enjoyed the discussions between the four experienced writers, the five and ten finger pitch, and the exercise to create character outlines. But the one amazing take-away  I want to share with you, the resource I took the course, is The BBC Writers Room.

If you’re not from England, like me, you might be asking, but what does it have for me? The quick answer is more screenplays to read, but there is so much more. There are interviews with writers, tutorials on the writing process, genre toolkits with blogs, interviews and scripts for each genre. This site is full of great stuff.

But the piece de resistance, the inspiration that lead me to the screenwriting course in the first place? It was right there all along. Play formatting for both UK stage and US stage. This page includes formatting examples for radio shows, TV shows, movies and stage.

Now, that is a wonderful resource. Enjoy!

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