#Writober Day 1: Let autumnal writing commence!

Here it is, the first day of #Writober. And here’s Day 1’s inspiring image:

A destroyed typewriter and a hand surrounded by rubble

Margaret Bourke White photography


I used a random number generator to help me order the photographs for #Writober 2, so there isn’t any significance to this being the first image. However, this image may be timely. It could be the aftermath of  an earthquake, a hurricane or a volcanic eruption, but for my story, it’s the result of something supernatural. What story do you see in this picture?

Don’t forget, you define your story parameters. You may like to write micro-stories, flash fiction of any length up to 1,000 words, or you may want to writer longer fiction. If you will be publishing your stories on Wattpad, or your blog or website, please link to them in the comments, so we can read them and gush about how great you are.

#vss: very short story

Knowing his words held power over events, he typed the end with a flourish. Only his hand remained.


Day 1 prompt: How did I get here?

This prompt pairs well with our image, don’t you think?

Out of Hand

How  did my power of mind get so out of hand?

Did the frantic pushing of fingers to keys finally erase the world?

I remember thinking, “Stop there are lines,” but did I cross,

Get to the other side leaving only rubble behind.

Here I have no hands nor words.


cover of Gwendy's Button Box by Stephen King and Richard ChizmarFor Peril in the First, I picked up a copy of Gwendy’s Button Box by Stephen King and Richard T. Chizmar from the library. I have wanted to read this story since I first saw the cover reveal. I love this cover and as a seamstress and button collector with many magical button boxes, I thought this story would be perfect for me.

If you love buttons, their beautiful colors and designs, their history and function, like I do, get ready for some disappointment. This book isn’t about buttons at all!! Gwendy’s Button Box is a box that has mechanical buttons to push that open drawers and supposedly make other things happen.

After I got over the initial shock of the button bait-and-switch, the book lured me in. So far, it’s a fun R.I.P. peril.


Please head over to  Twitter and join me in today’s game of #pessimisticmoustache. I made my play. Now it’s your turn.

Welcome to #Writober.

I hope you have a great day of writing and reading.

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