#Writober Day 4: It was a dark and scary night


I love the eerie silence of today’s image. It screams, “Something nefarious is about to happen!” If you look very carefully, you are not alone. A person and a dog are up ahead. Are they walking toward you or away from you? Do they scare you, or will they come to your aid? I can’t wait to hear about the stories this image inspires.

#vss: very short story

The neon sign pulled me along the dark, silent sidewalk with its promise: Come Get That Action. However, the sign wasn’t meant for me. Hungry, pale lurkers awaited my arrival.


Today’s prompt: Between Clouds & The Water

Over at the OctPoWriMo website, today’s post poses a great question: Where does poetry hide? I think this works well with our visual prompt.

The Great Escape

Late at night on the glowing screen

Deep in cryptically labeled folders in folders

Tempests of swirling, spilled passions

Words that escaped frontal lobe prisons

Tunneling and burrowing through sewers

Risking life to leap walls

Razor-wired barriers of rules and fears

To be squirreled away for private eyes

This is where poetry hides.



Retweet Storm: Post lines at a hashtag & quote-RT to #FlashFicHive

When I’m on twitter, I head over to Free Writing Events @writevent to find out about the day’s hashtag games for writers. They are a great editing exercise.

day 4 fic hive

Note: There’s a typo in the “Visit” honeycomb. It should say @writevent like my link above.

wed write events.jpg


#WackyWed – make us laugh

#1LineWed – Light

#WFWed – Amusing

#WhyIWriteWed – Thanks

#TalesNoir – Horror/Genre mashup week

#WineWords – Smooth/Soft

#WeirdWriters – Vacation

So, there are a ton of options for publishing a line from today’s great #Writober story. Have fun sharing your lines!

While you’re on twitter, don’t forget to head over to #pessimisticmoustache and to share your isms to describe that street.


Today’s image also works well with the #justcreatechallenge over at authorapril.com. Yes, I have found yet another great event for #Writober. April L. Taylor offers two prompts each day; one for writing, and one for an art project. Today’s prompts are about Setting and Perspective! Perfect, right?


I hope you find today’s prompts inspiring.

Happy Reading and Writing!

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