To Believe or Not Believe in Obscure Sorrows

A cluster of tiny blue wildflowers
The Weeds I Won’t Mow – by Maria L. Berg 2021

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is to find inspiration in The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows . Both “sonder” and “occhiolism” made me think of the same thing, so I guess that’s the inspiration.

The Poem-a-Day two for Tuesday is:

  1. Write a believe poem and/or…
  2. Write a don’t believe poem.

At the A to Z Challenge they are turning their thoughts to what’s next. At the end of the challenge in May, I’ll be back to my revision focus. What is your revision plan? What is your revision process?

The Janus phrase for today is wind up meaning (1) To start; (2) to finish.

The poetics prompt at the dVerse Poets Pub today is about poetry as a bridge and includes the puente form. Here’s hoping it will help me bridge all my ideas.

A close-up of purple heather flowers
To Know Every Heather Flower – by Maria L. Berg 2021

Overwhelming Possibilities

Each time I try to imagine the life of every human
I wind up faced with the limitations of my perception
I thought I might start with those in the houses
I see, try to have empathy for their children and spouses
a plot at a time, from the blue rambler to the three-story brown
but that’s already too much, overwhelmed I shut down

~because I don’t believe it’s possible~

to know every tiny blue flower along the drive
or each of the purple heather visited by bees
it would take all my time to give each a name
recognize each quality that is not the same
and that’s but the surface, as precious and delicate as we are
we may as well be numerous as the heavenly stars

21 thoughts on “To Believe or Not Believe in Obscure Sorrows

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  2. This is incredibly heartfelt! It’s certainly not possible to know everything at once, but we can choose to be more responsive toward nature, and the complexity of human emotions. 💝💝

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  3. It isn’t possible to know everything about anything, but maybe it is possible to appreciate everything you encounter that you perceive is good if you can remember to be mindful enough. There you go – your poem got me thinking. Good work!

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  4. You bring up something important here. We are conditioned from a very early age to believe we are exceptional and unique, and though it may be true in one respect, in another, as a life form on the planet we are nothing special. Hoping that comes out right. If we take the view that each is ordinary but each is special it takes the pressure off to acknowledge every one. Thank you for the thought-provoking poem.

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  5. I really liked this–and the bridge line works perfectly!
    The first stanza made me think of someone on a train (or car) watching all the houses going by and wondering about the people. Not that I’ve ever done that. 😏
    And then your wondering and conclusion in the last stanza is lovely.

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