Dactyls Dactyls Everywhere: not a ptero in sight.

Edward Okun – Walc Chopina (Wikimedia Commons)


dance to the, dance to the
music of Chopin and
waltz with me, waltz with me
round a nice fantasy
keep up appearances
backhanded compliments
blacking out promises

dance with me, dance with me
turning me endlessly
waltz to the, waltz to the
mockingbird murmuring
visitors’ vanities
blushing with jealousy
echoing, echoing
over the
wonderful fantasy

At the Moulin Rouge: Two women waltzing by Toulouse-Lautrec (Wikimedia Commons)

Today’s Meet the bar prompt at dVerse Poets Pub is to take a look at the waltz. I took this as inspiration to attempt a poem in dactylic meter. Dactyls are feet that are three syllables with the first syllable stressed, or long short short like a waltz.

15 thoughts on “Dactyls Dactyls Everywhere: not a ptero in sight.

  1. I love the way you used the dactylic metre to set up a formal dance and then look for the ugly truth behind the polished formality! Great use of alliteration and rhyme to carry the word-music along also.

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  2. A stunning waltz, Maria, and I love the Lautrec image you chose to illustrate it. The repetition sets the rhythm so well and you’ve captured the human frailties that the smiling dancing faces try to hide. Cleverly done.

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