#Writober Day 10: Night’s Truths and Fictions

Headlights in the Night by Maria L. Berg 2022

Contradictory Abstract Nouns

This week I’m finishing out what I named “The Big 5” abstract nouns. This week is a study of Truth and it’s contradiction “Fiction.” Finding the truth in fiction and the fiction in truth this week should be inspiring. This week’s contradictory abstract nouns made me think of the great Will Ferrell movie, Stranger Than Fiction. I haven’t watched that in a long time. I think I’ll watch it to inspire my research.

Tourmaline .’s Halloween Challenge

Today’s word is “Night.” Is night only a question of sunlight and darkness, a passage of time to a certain hour? Or does night have its own quality? What is night? What is it other than dark? How do I capture the essence of night during the day?
I like what I did last year with my stars. I especially like the sonic surrender cascade poem, but I want to find something completely different in the prompt this year.

For today’s image, I put semi-sheer black fabric over the lens. I used a seam-ripper to poke some holes in the fabric in shapes of constellations, but the shapes didn’t come out. However, the holes made the light separate producing a neat effect.

Night Lights by Maria L. Berg 2022


Today’s prompt is recognizing our feelings. For today’s poem, I attempted a sijo.

Wan, Worn, and Weary

Exhaustion from a sleepless night taints every aspect of day
the prism of easy, adaptable energy has grayed
yet heavy lids bring rejuvenant naps of day-glo visions

Night Vision by Maria L. Berg 2022

Writober Flash Fiction

Today’s image is “They Came at Night” by Eric Wemhoener aka Mortanius88 on Deviant Art. At first, I thought it was a monsters-in-the-closet image, but upon closer examination, I think these glowing toothy grins have slid back a wall and hold up a curtain, perhaps between realms. Here’s the beginning of “In His Bedroom Wall:”

It started with a scratching sound in his bedroom wall. Tanner didn’t think much of it. It had happened at the old house, too. It turned out a squirrel had found its way into the walls and couldn’t get out. He told his mom who called the exterminator, but he didn’t find any squirrels, or mice, or anything. He said Tanner was probably hearing a branch scratching the window pane. Mom trimmed the tree.
Tanner only heard the sound at night. It was getting louder, and kept him awake. One night he heard a hissing, sliding sound. The next morning, there was a crack in the wall. Not really a crack, like the drywall was damaged, more like an opening, a straight separation from ceiling to floor.
Each night, Tanner heard the hissing and sliding, and every morning, the opening in the was looked a little wider. When Tanner put his ear to the gap he heard growls and whispers like many voices gathering in excitement. He started getting headaches and his stomach hurt.

Maria L. Berg Writober 7 Day 10 2022

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