#Writober Day 11: The Truth of Love and Frog

Finding Frogs in the Grass by Maria L. Berg 2022

Diving into the question, What is Truth? for this week’s contradictory abstract nouns, I came across this interesting video on Truth vs. Reality with Donald Hoffman from Big Think.

Tourmaline .’s Halloween Challenge

Today’s prompt is Frog. I really like the filter I cut for last year, so I thought I would try some of my transparency filters to add some color and texture.

Rainbow Frog Emergence by Maria L. Berg 2022
Pretty Poison by Maria L. Berg 2022

New Poem


Today’s prompt is Love, Great and Small expressed through a sonnet or elegy.

dVerse Poets Pub

Today’s poetics prompt is fermentation. I really like this prompt. I’m thinking about creating poetry as fermentation: a process of undergoing an effervescent change, and a state of agitation or excitement.

Loves Lost Sonnet

lips touch like sugar feeding fruit to wine
of frenzied sparks afire heart’s lost mind
voluptuous new body two entwined
embracing, giving fully one will find
lays bare the nerves to raw emotion feel
eternal bliss in every glance or touch
to burst with fermentation’s zeal
such effervescing could become too much
how quickly burns a passion-fire to ash
unusual behaviors soon subside
responding to demands of hunger’s tasks
tenderness forgotten with the tide
indignant cracks will rend to gaping wounds
not patched in time reality intrudes

Writober Flash Fiction

Today’s image could also represent a Leshy, but the artist, SigneRJArts says it is a take on “The Beast” from Over the Garden Wall. Here’s the beginning of “Telling Tales:”

Randy clicked on his flashlight, and swept the trees around them, as if making sure they were alone. He stared into the fire, and cleared his throat. “Afoot in the unknown—
“Afoot? Really? Where’d you get that?” Calvin said.
“Do you want me to tell the story, or what?”
“Yeah, whatever, I’m just sayin’ . . .”
“Okay then. Afoot in the unknown, the beast haunts the deep woods in search of lost souls.” Randy lifted his flashlight under his chin, casting dark shadows under his nose and eyes. “Ooo,” he said, wiggling the fingers of his right hand toward the fire.
“What beast? You can’t just say the beast. You have to describe it.” Calvin said.
“Fine.” Randy said, throwing a pine cone in the fire which crackled and sparked. “A demonic beast that disguises itself as a tree, covered in bark, but if you look closely, you can see the faces of the souls it has collected in the texture of its bark.”
“That’s better,” said Calvin. “So how’s it collect souls?”
“Will you shut up with your commentary, and just listen?” said Randy. He took off his baseball cap and ran his hand through his long black bangs before replacing it.
Calvin finished carving the end of a stick to a point with his Swiss Army knife, closed his knife and put it in his back pocket. He poked the stick in the coals.
“The beast had eternal patience. It could stay hidden in its tree-like state for years, waiting for its prey to come near. It only awoke to gather a guilty soul, a soul guilty of betrayal.”
Calvin’s head snapped up to look at Randy’s face. Randy didn’t look at him. He continued to stare into the fire.

13 thoughts on “#Writober Day 11: The Truth of Love and Frog

  1. Firstly, such cute froggies. I like how you designed a trajectory for that flaming passion and how reality rudely appears at the end. What a wonderful expression: “to burst with fermentation’s zeal”

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  2. “eternal bliss in every glance or touch
    to burst with fermentation’s zeal”
    Luv the passion here. If only it stayed that hot throughtout. Or maybe it does. But it didnt for me.



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