The Honestly Dishonest are the Scariest

Dishonesty in Honesty and Honesty in Dishonesty by Maria L. Berg 2022

Contradictory Abstract Nouns (Photography Challenge)

Today I’m looking at finding the dishonesty in honesty and the honesty in dishonesty. While exploring honesty and dishonesty, I happened upon the Honesty plant. Lunaria annua, also called Annual honesty, Money Plant, Moonwort, and Satin Pod. For today’s images I made filters to look like both its flower and seed pod stages.

Honesty in Dishonesty and Dishonesty in Honesty by Maria L. Berg 2022

November PAD Chapbook Challenge

Today’s prompt was to write a scary poem. For today’s poem I went back through all the poems I wrote in October and chose what I considered to be the scariest lines. I randomly combined them with a collection of words having to do with dishonesty, made new lines and reorganized them.

The Honestly Dishonest are the Scariest

lurking on the porch in this uninviting hour
responding to demands of hunger’s tasks

nothing is easy when superficial
every movement subterfuge
a glance of bewitched dancing

sophism in the moonlight
threatens fallacy

silver glints and a shiver quivers
and words will mince as delusive

I know scared
fallacious, ponderously slow,
false, ferocious, and seeking
tricky to survive

escape chicane embarrassment
the point will pierce cavil
raising fears

as fear nears frivolous
shiny spoons to quivering spines
impenetrable by doorbell or phone

beguile as you slowly drive past
defraud the people pretending to live

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