Juxtaposing Last Year’s Lines

The Good in the Bad and the Bad in the Good by Maria L. Berg 2023

After We Said Goodnight

We have said goodnight but
buckle up and hold on as hearts buckle

The rope hangs from the reaching branch
Head held high, enjoying the sun on my shoulders,
I begin my journey

At my magical realism hotel where
the air is thick with it
agitation nags, it’s tickling

The fan whirs in the window
In the deep shadows under the metal erection
Funny how easy the monster comes out

A blinding fog over men’s senses, deceives about
you can’t be disappointed, if you have no expectations

Today’s Meeting the Bar prompt at dVerse Poets Pub is to create a poem from the first line of the first poem of each month that I posted in 2022.

13 thoughts on “Juxtaposing Last Year’s Lines

  1. Nicely done, Maria! I like how the lines naturally occur ‘After We Said Goodnight’, and especially love the line ‘buckle up and hold on as hearts buckle’ and the idea of a ‘’magical realism hotel’.

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    • Hi Laura, I probably should have made a note in my post. I didn’t add anything that wasn’t in the original poems, Twice, I continued to the second line to make a more complete line of thought, and once I broke a line for the structure of the poem. So I bent the meaning of “line,” but I tried to follow the rules. I’ve always been bad at coloring within the lines. 😊


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