Published! Oh, the joy of the first acceptance letter.

Cover Art for October Issue of Five On The Fifth

Artwork by Erin Baird used with permission of Five on the Fifth

As the gross jelly-blob predicted, October continues to be fun, gross and creepy. Why you ask? Because fun, gross and creepy can describe my flash fiction story, “My Collection”, that the editors of Five on the Fifth kindly chose for their October Issue!! I was delighted by the variety of stories and styles they chose. And for you short fiction writers, they are accepting submissions for November.

This is an exciting day for me. Two of my friends put the event of being published in great perspective. One said, (paraphrasing) A stranger, someone who has never met you, liked your words enough to want them, and the other posted, “It’s one thing to publish your own work, quite another for someone else to see its merit!“. It feels good to finally get an acceptance letter and see my name with other authors. And the timing couldn’t be better, because at the end of the month, I receive feedback on my novel from my first readers. Hope this success feeling is strong enough for the work ahead.

Novel Recommit Challenge Final Count

Gator  McBumpypants, Herman and Dee Dee look out over the waterAs Robert Evenhouse mentioned in a post during the challenge, life will get in the way of your word count goals and that happened to me yesterday, so as you may have noticed, I didn’t get a blog post up (or get my words written) after critique group. So, Thursday’s total word count was 1,194 words. My grand total for the whole seven day challenge was 6,371. I didn’t quite make my goal, but I made great progress on my projects and I am happy with the results. Congratulations to Robert for reaching his goal of 7,000 words in 7 days!

My main take away from the challenge was that inspiration doesn’t have to strike first, ideas come and get fleshed out as you write.

The Novel Recommit Continues – Quick Update

I’m excited to say I wrote 1,038 words yesterday. So far so good.

Happy Writing.