The Joys of Gingerbread

The Gingerbread Man Got Caught by Maria L. Berg 2021

Today’s photography prompt was inspiring. I refilled my glass gingerbread man with syrup and I made some healthy gingerbread with freshly grated ginger and toasted hazelnut flour (instead of almond). I’m so glad I tried it, because Gingerbread People are delicious.

Yummy Gingerbread Person and Cookie with Dried Plum by Maria L. Berg 2021

New Poem

Sweet Gingerbread Love by Maria L. Berg 2021

Disquieting Signs

Lift it up
Hold it up to
a light source
a reflection of changes
my broken parts
may slide
when the waters arrive
to challenge
the edges of this
lift the corner
see our wild beasts
absorbed in fascination
to elucidate
reject the sameness of life
takes on a different meaning
find a beautiful haven
some way for mutuality
and interaction
like a string of horses
splashing ahead
in terms of connection
I have so much ground
to cover, cook longer,
and then check again

Spreading Christmas Cheer by Maria L. Berg 2021
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And for the Change of Focus Challenge theme Rest, Sleep, and Hibernation, here’s a picture of the gingerbread person at rest:

Happy Reading and Writing!