#OctPoWriMo Day 10: Dancing On Air

Dancing On The CloudsThis OctPoWriMo, I haven’t been as interested in working on poetry forms as I have in the past. However, today’s form, Con-Verse, appeals to me. Here’s my attempt:

She Knows They’re Watching

Flipping off her heals, releas-
ing her toes to the cool breeze

She bends her knees, loose hips swaying
Her skirt joins the music playing

Then she steps and her shoulders drop free
Her arms grow wild and reach out to me

I shake my head, but I’m already there
Dizzy and weightless, I move without care

Something is off. She isn’t looking at me.
I am part of a show for others to see.

#Writober Day 8: Hungry Tree In The Military Cemetery

Tree eating military gravestone

photograph by Maria L. Berg 2017

This tree takes me straight to Poltergeist only these gravestones stayed in the cemetery.

Any of the Poltergeist movies would be great for those of you doing the RIPXII Peril on the Screen challenge.

#vss: very short story

He blamed the trees for his losses; roots tripping his men; branches scratching. The trees seek punitive damages beyond the grave.


Theme: How Could I Know

The prompt at OctPoWriMo.com suggests the poetry form called Joseph’s Star. It’s a syllable line rule ( Syllables are 1, 3, 5, 7, 7, 5, 3, and 1) poem like a haiku but it creates a diamond shape and you can repeat the pattern in as many stanzas as needed. I like these poetry form prompts.


could I know

a large tree would grow

when the bird dropped the seed cone

while flying over your stone

out of all the dead

and find life



did its roots

find food in old boots

of hallowed ground deep with you

do I dare imagine, too

reaching searching first drink

inside the loosened

seems of the



could I know

it would cradle you

suck in your essence like food

lift you through its veins of wood

make you one with it

are you a




Develop a story inspired by a word cloud.


#FlashFicHive Day 8 Word Cloud by Anjela Curtis

I think some of these words will work nicely with today’s prompt. Until now, I hadn’t thought of a nest with eggs in that tree. Or maybe our protagonist finds a bag full of money in a hole in the tree, or under the limb holding the grave stone or . . . Ooh, this is a treasure trove of ideas.

#RIPXII Peril On The Screen

Because my whole face and head have been invaded by the mucous monster, I spent my Saturday in bed feeling sorry for myself. To feel like I accomplished something, I decided to tackle The Peril On The Screen challenge.

Horns – * * * * (Four Stars)

Horns was not what I expected. It was much better. It had elements of dark comedy and a rich mystery wrapped up in religious symbolism and a truly horrible premise. It even had some Stand By Me moments with flashbacks to the main players as childhood friends.

Swiss Army Man -* * (Two Stars)

This movie was a disturbing, fantasy portrayal of necrophilia. Though I liked the imaginative arts and crafts and am impressed by the obsession it took to raise the bar for fart jokes,–That bar has flown to an unimaginable new height–I felt icky and worried for the writer, director and producers when the film ended.

Watching Horns and Swiss Army Man back to back, I was impressed at how Daniel Radcliff brings his characters to “life” (Ha! Ha!), and wondered if, in trying to get away from Harry Potter, he hasn’t made some odd choices.

The Cabin In The Woods – * * * * (Four Stars)

When I watched this movie before, I may have only caught part of it, or been distracted because, though I knew the plot and remembered the monsters in their cubes, I did not remember that the cast included the likes of Thor, Jamie from Zoo: Season 1 and the Alien huntress herself- Sigourney Weaver.

This movie is so fun. It is a lesson to writers that any trope, no matter how over used, can be seen in a new and create way.

#Writober Day 3: Cheritas, Parageusia, and Flying Elephants-Oh My!

Black and white layered photography negatives create images of flying elephants

Joan Fontcuberta Aerofantes 1941

Disney’s Dumbo aside, I think flying elephants would be terrifying. The encompassing shadows they would cast; the constant fear of “droppings.” A world with flying elephants would be a scary world indeed. Are these angels down from heaven with an ominous message? What story does this picture tell you?

#vss: very short story

The new hybrids of the flying, alien elephant and the domestic breeds were much larger than expected. Life on earth became unpleasant.Most humans lost the sense of smell.


Today’s prompt: Taste of Metal

A metallic taste in your mouth is a type of taste disorder known medically as parageusia. Common causes include new medications, pregnancy, and food allergies. In rare cases, metallic taste can be a sign of Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease. – from Google

Form: Cherita

Cherita (pronounced CHAIR-rita) is a linked poetry form of one-, two-, and three-line stanzas. Cherita is the Malay word for “story” or “tale” – from Poets Collective


With the preconceived notion that an elephant never forgets,

Would her parageusia be misdiagnosed
As a peanut allergy?

Ignoring the possibility of Alzheimer’s
How would she report, or debate upon contort
Winged elephants think all things taste like metal.



Backstory show & tell: protagonist

Day 3 fic hive

In my poem, I made the Mama flying elephant my protagonist. Will she be the protagonist in your flash fiction story? What is her backstory? How will that backstory affect her baby?

Feeling inspired? Happy Writing and Reading!

#Writober Day 2

How did it go yesterday? Did you find Day 1’s image inspiring? Did you start #Writober with a bang? Jump in with both feet? Or is today the day? If you are starting today, Welcome, I’m glad you’re here.

Here’s our visual inspiration for the 2nd of #Writober:

A woman standing face first against a wall. Hands are coming out of the wall and holding her.

Art by Tullius Heuer from Last Laugh Magazine #007 May 30, 2014

This image reminds me of the Peter Jackson film with Michael J. Fox The Frighteners. It definitely lends to ideas of ghosts and a haunted house, but what else could it be? And are those hands giving a hug, or is this the moment before something sinister?

#vss: very short story

A luring voice, full of love and understanding pulled her in. Hands came from the wall like a warm, encompassing hug. She was never seen again.

Can you think of any isms to describe the wall, the hands, the woman? Head over to #pessimisticmoustache and play along.


Today’s theme is: We write because we must

On the OctPoWriMo website it also suggests that today be a shape poem and has a link to Shadow Poetry. This is a great resource. On the Poetry Types page, there are charts with links to examples of traditional and invented poetry types to explore.

Humans Need Stories

Shape poem in the shape of a hand



Mix and Match story prompt

graphic by Anjela Curtis

Can this challenge work with our #Writober 2 image? Why not? The woman can be an elementary teacher. She’s going to need to take that dress to the laundromat. She could save some lives while stuck in traffic on the way to said laundromat.

Or, those arms coming out of the wall could be trapped Oompa Loompas who definitely can’t read cursive. When she gets them out of the walls, she kicks them out of the house. They have nowhere to go and in a dark alley are mistaken by animal control for nutria rats and taken to an animal shelter. The person who runs the animal shelter tries to help them integrate into society, but in the process, they spend all of his money.

And to use all of the elements? Let’s say as part of joining society, the Oompa Loompas end up in the elementary teacher’s classroom to learn to read cursive only to find out that she doesn’t teach cursive anymore. Eventually, frustrated, homeless and unable to pass for humans, the Oompa Loompas sneak back into the elementary teacher’s walls and they all live happily ever after (or they “haunt” her until she goes insane) .

I hope you feel inspired. Happy Reading and Writing!