#Writober Day 19: The Blob

writober day 19

photo by Maria L. Berg 2015

When this thing fist appeared on the ramp, I could not get my head around what it could possibly be. When I walked up to it, I thought it was a horrifying clump of eggs. But then I did some research. It is a colony of pectinatella magnifica. I wrote a post back in 2015 and titled it Inspiration: Stay Ready.

I think that sums up what I’m enjoying about my 2017 #Writober experience. My poems are more challenging and exciting because I’m blending a Halloween image prompt with an #OctPoWriMo prompt. And my flash fiction stories are sometimes being guided by an #OctPoWriMo prompt and a #FlashFicHive prompt. Inspiration is everywhere. Purposeful combinations of inspiration can truly develop creative idea.

That all being said, this image is all about The Blob.

#vss very short story

She poked it with a stick. The stick was consumed. It still didn’t appear to be alive. The blob on her foot grew until it was her size.


I didn’t have the prompt–fox and foxy–when I wrote my poem due to power-outage, but using my visual prompt, I think I covered part of the prompt; It’s playful, cunning, crafty and creative.

The Blob

All consuming
No discretion
A conjoined entity
Of mouths without minds

Surging, rolling, engulfing
You cannot escape
Growth exponential
of girth; not potential
A colony of wasted life

A sign of health? This monster?
Perhaps of wealth and greed, vile
It rolls over all opposers
Forcing them to join the bile
Dissolved to mindless absorbers in the pile.

The blob, it keeps on growing
Oozing through our towns and burbs
And everyone surrenders
Not a voice left to be heard.
Individuals dissolved as
The mass it wraps them in
To One Big Blob


When it comes to music and writing, it’s weird for me. As a musician, listening to music can sometimes be more of a stressor than a release. Most of my songs were relevant for yesterday’s poem, but today, I think it will be fun to see if I can find the soundtrack for The Blob.

FlashFicHive day 19

Again, I can’t say how great it is to combine all of these inspirations. I just looked up the music for The Blob. First I got the music from the remake and it will probably be a good soundtrack for creepy, but then I looked up the soundtrack for the 1958 Title theme and it is so amazingly wrong, it might go into the theme-song of my life. So I found all this quickly on youtube, so I didn’t do any research, but . . .fun either way.

Sorry this is getting out so late, but again, LIFE. BE CAREFUL OF THE BLOB!

I can’t help myself. I have to add the song from Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes!


Inspiration: Stay ready. You never know from which strange place, or species, it could come.

Picture of new-to-me lake species

What is that? Something gross-looking this way comes.

This is a slightly different post than the norm, but it is also a wonderful way to get us all into the Halloween spirit and I love Halloween. When I was driving home last Sunday and saw a pumpkin patch full of people, I said “Their jack-o-lanterns will be completely rotten by Halloween.” Of course, I assumed that, like me, they wouldn’t be able to wait and would carve their pumpkins the moment they got home. Why not have nice, whole pumpkins decorating the house all month until it is time to carve them? Then, when my mother told me she was having a costume party with Halloween games this Saturday I was surprised they would have a Halloween themed party so early, but why not? When I asked my neighbor what he was going to be for Halloween, he already had a plan–which is great because that gives my sister time to dig out the costume I made for my nephew years ago, so he can borrow it. Thus, when the lake spirit left me a dead lake monster this morning, I shouldn’t have been surprised. I think I will take it as a sign that this October is going to be a whole month of the fun, gross and creepy.

Colony of Pectinatella Magnifica

This is a real colony of organisms! I took this picture this morning.

Here’s what I wrote on the neighborhood group and facebook (those of you who get those posts can skip this part): This morning, I saw something very gross-looking washed up on the ramp. I joked with a friend that it looked like a giant jellyfish or a swollen piece of intestine, but I thought it must be a rotten old boat bumper, or piece of plastic. To my horror, upon closer inspection it really did look like a giant jellyfish, or a huge sack of eggs, or a huge bloated pile of fat. Luckily, the internet had some answers.


This jelly blob, or massive colony of pectinatella magnifica, is a cluster of tiny invertebrates that supposedly are a sign of good water quality.

Seeing it up close, I’m going to continue to call it a gross lake monster, but I’m happy to know (and wanted to share with all of you in case you see one too) that it will not sting me, lay eggs in my stomach, or consume me as part of “The Blob”, or like “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. It arrived a little early for Halloween, but it wins best gross-creepy lake creature in my book.

Close-up after opened with a stick

I tried to see the underside by moving it with a stick. It quickly fell apart.

What does this have to do with writing inspiration, you ask? Last week, I mentioned a series of stories I’m working on about The Lake Spirit. My ideas about her were first expressed as a Halloween costume I created and wore while playing the Theremin to greet Trick-or-Treaters. I have been playing around with her story for a while and have recently enjoyed where the stories are going. Since beginning my work on Stories of The Lake Spirit, I discovered, or have been made aware of, interesting, new-to-me, fresh-water species: When the lake was down, I discovered fresh-water bivalves (clams); last week a friend told me about Periwinkle bugs that I believe are equivalent to Caddisfly larva; and then, today the most shocking of them all—the super-gross jelly blob. The colony of pectinatella magnifica will soon make its way into one of the lake spirit stories, I’m guessing as an offering to the narrator, but there are so many fun possibilities.

Close-up with a bee

The sun came out, so I took more pictures. Now, there’s a bee on it. I wonder if raccoons will eat it.

I am grateful I was on the phone with a friend when I first spotted the ugly blob at the edge of the water and that he told me I had to go check it out and send him pictures. Timing is everything. We need to always be ready for inspiration.

Have you discovered any new-to-you species lately? Have you found inspiration in strange places? Please share in the comments.

Happy Writing!

Update: By the time my neighbors came over to see it, the jelly blob had mostly been reclaimed by the lake. We found a small piece under a piece of wood, so the boys could get an idea of its consistency. The consensus was GROSS, but worth getting wet in your shoes (if necessary, but hopefully not necessary) to pull out from under some wood and cool enough to want to show Mom. The answer to the raccoon question is: most likely nothing left for them to eat. But if they drink the water, do they get a couple inside them, that then gelatinize into colonies over time? Just wondering, you know, for the raccoons.