#NaNoWriMo Day 24: Fear of Failure

Day 24
Word count:43,248 words
Word count goal: 48,000 words
Mapping the Hero’s Journey: Return With The Elixir
Save The Cat: Finale

#vss very short story

Henry realized his magic elixir was in his dictionary all along. However, as he wrote with confidence, he became the villain of his story and stole a boat. The return home would have to wait.

Plotting with Tarot

Today, I tried pulling only one card to see how my MC would respond to the revelations of family secrets in today’s scene.

MC response

A spread out the deck and drew The Seven of Pentacles- fear of failure and fear of success. This card makes sense for my MC today. He worked hard to cultivate healthy relationships, or so he thought and now he finds out it was never enough. He fears he has failed and he also fears what is to come. How will these fears manifest in action?

Fear of failure is a great card to contemplate, not just for my MC, but for myself as well. I got behind in my goals this week and have another deadline looming. However, I have just enough time left, so it’s time to re-double my efforts and get things done. Through hard work, this fear can be fugacious.

Ask Your Character

  • What event from the past had a strong effect on you?
  • Do you think an event from the past influenced your personality?
  • Did one of your relatives other than the ones who lived in your home have a profound impact on your life?

Word Of The Day

fugacious: adj. something lasting for just a short time; fleeting

8 Action Verbs:

arranged           compared          demonstrated            explained

introduced            organized             responded            tested

Poem prompt

Although holidays have deeper meanings, we like to truss them up with a lot of decadence and nostalgia. All that food! All those presents! Oh, what fun it is…Write a poem about the holidays. -from Writing Forward

Oh, What Fun

Decadence and expectations
The chill in the air, overwhelms
central heat, the same songs again
lie in the background, the lyrics
lost in commotion, sentiment
yelled overhead, red faced
gluttony to exhaustion and
discomfort reigns the day.

Awesome Sentence Challenge

Synesthesia (blended feeling): Use the vocabulary of one sense to name something perceived with another sense. Example: sweet song, a bitter cold.

Today’s Simple Task

MC’s reward makes life better.

Warm-up Exercise

Pick an emotion, any emotion. Set your timer for 10 minutes. Write about a memory that emotion brings to mind.

Recommended Word Crawl

In honor of everyone traveling home after Thanksgiving, I thought today would be a good day for a Road Trip Crawl.

Happy Reading and Writing!

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